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Mercedes Benz EQA 250 SPORT

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Good Looking Electric Stud

The Mercedes EQA 250 Sport is handsome to behold and has a fantastic interior and boasts very effective regenerative braking. It is a great Electric Vehicle for starters who wants to own one without too many fussy gadgets.

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It's been a long wait as this highly sought-after EV is out of stock everywhere. Mercedes-Benz's EQ models exude luxury, premium materials, superb build quality, and best-in-class amenities. 


The well-balanced ride quality and effortless acceleration with zero vibration make this the perfect compact crossover for city driving. Once you've driven a Mercedes-Benz EQA250 AMG Line, you'll wish every cross-over is as well designed!

Visit us today and experience Mercedes-Benz EQ for yourself!

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